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Fist bumps are 20 times more hygienic than handshakes

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80% of infections are spread by hands

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1 million Personal Trainers catch cold and flu every year

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65,000 people die worldwide from cold and flu every year

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Poor health cost employers $530 billion annually

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Cold and flu makes 10% more kids miss school

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Bill Gates doesn’t shake hands

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Up to 90% of people with cold and flu carry it on their hands

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Cold and flu survives up to 72 hours on hands

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Up to 80% of people retain some disease-causing bacteria after handwashing

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Handshakes expose 3X as much skin as a fist bump

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Handshakes last 2.7 times longer than fist bumps

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Copy and paste this All-Staff

Fellow Gym-Members,

It is with great pleasure that I announce this is now officially a handshake-safe space. This cold, flu & Covid season, all handshaking should cease immediately.

The World Health Organization said, wearing masks, while maintaining 6 feet from other people is best, and fist bumping spreads 90% less germs than a handshake, this simple action could potentially save lives.

So don’t feel weird next time you greet someone with a fist bump. During the cold and flu season, it’s what we do.



P.S. If you prefer to train from home, learn how to train virtually while staying safe during this covid, cold and flu season. Click here learn more about certified online personal training.